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Other Social Media Platforms

There are many other Social Media Platforms whereby you can listen and engage with your customers. 10 years ago companies would have paid tens of thousands of pounds in market research trying to find out what people thought of their brands/companies.

Nowadays with Google+, Twitter, Youtube, Digg, Blogs, Quora etc… companies are able to find out instantaneously what people are thinking and the good companies are then able to react to what is being said.

You can easily monitor keywords related to your business across these platforms. Then as soon as that keyword is mentioned, you are notified and you can then respond in the right manner. For example, lets say you are a plumber and you are monitoring the words “boiler broken” on Twitter (easily set up) Then when you are notified, you can respond and say, “Have you checked xyz, this could be the problem”.

What this does is it build up trust in you, it shows you to be an expert and then next time they have a problem or their friend has a problem with their boiler, they might just contact you first. What you don’t want to respond is “Hi, let me come and fix it”. Twitter and the rest of the Social Media Platforms are not a marketplace whereby you sell your services. People need to build trust in you.

At Wiredflow we can help mould together a Social Media Plan that incorporates all the necessary platforms that will help you get your message across. For more information on how we can help your company today, please get in contact and we will revert back to you shortly

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