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Google Local


How to stop losing customers to your local competitors

Right this second; potential customers are out there searching for your specific products or services. The problem is, they aren’t finding you, they are finding your competitors!

83% of people searching online are search for local businesses- Do you want more business, do you want to be found?

Well the good news for you, is that you can beat your competitors and rank highly not only in the organic listings, but also in the Google Map (Places) listing.

Google Local

The even better news is that in general local search terms are not as highly competitive as regular search terms and we can therefore get you to rank on that first page of Google in a much quicker time.

The good news doesn’t end there. As local search is not as time consuming as regular search, we are able to provide you with a very affordable service that can generate a ton of highly targeted traffic to your website, rather than your competitors.

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